Contech Engineering Inc.(Contech) has been in the waterworks engineering consulting business since 1995. Recently Contech realigned the business with its international partnership companies with over 300 staff that cover a wide range of engineering and land development services.  We cover most of the fast growing locations that includes Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Indonesia, and China.

Our managers, senior engineers and land surveyors personally involved with individual clients and their projects. We are highly responsive to our clients’ needs and priorities and are constantly striving to provide the highest level of technical and professional service locally from AutoCAD Revit Building Modelling( Architectural and Structural) and Civil 3D packages, project design and construction management.  

The office has track records in completing a broad range of projects for local governments, commercial and industrial corporations. We foresee a fast growing era taking shape in Western Canada and we have realigned to take advantage of this expected growth with our successful record in municipal, industrial and commercial works:

• Municipal infrastructures;
• Land and Building Development;
• Condos, Apartment Townhouse and utility buildings;
• Grading and Development Servicing Facilities;
• Services design comprised of paving, water connection , power and MCC rooms;
• Integrated Water Engineering Services;
• Water resource (Flood Plan Design River Engineering, Facility design) water works (water and wastewater treatment), storm management, reticulation system (sewers and pumping main and SCADA system).