Master Plan Development

Municipal planning is an ongoing challenge to BC and Alberta, especially during times of economic prosperity. Contech recognizes the issues faced by municipalities and our team of engineers and technologists take a collaborative approach to master plan development. Working with the client, the available information is reviewed to identify system constraints and develop viable servicing alternatives.

Typical project deliverables include:
• Servicing planning alternatives screening;
• Recommended capital upgrades and associated cost estimates;
• Short term and long term  implementation plan;
• Financing planning; and
• Assistance in fund application.

We also develop comprehensive plans for sand and gravel extraction operations and reclamation designs that meet the government and local authorities’ requirements for both large and small operations that required for each phase of mining activity. Our service include:
• Operation and Development Applications:
• Estimation of topsoil and subsoil depths;
• Determination of vegetation characteristics; and
• Topographical data collection.