Highway, Road and Transportation

Contech Department offers a broad range of specialist transportation planning and traffic engineering services to the private development sector and public institutional clients.  These include:

Transportation Planning: Specialized transportation planning studies to provide a framework for long-term town/city plans, to determine improvement priorities, or in support of the development and approval of statutory plans.

Roadway Planning & Design: Undertake a wide range of geometric, functional and detailed designs for urban and rural roads and highways.  We create innovative road design solutions to address such considerations as safety, traffic operations, capacity, site access, transit operations, and signal installation.

Site Planning and Site Traffic Impact Studies:  Location, road and public transit access, and the movement of vehicles and people are key factors to consider in the planning and physical design of major developments.  We work to create development plans supported by property integrate transportation systems.

Parking Facility Planning & Design:  Provide comprehensive services in parking facility planning and design for developers and property owners, municipal governments, hospitals and universities, architects and structural engineers.

Noise Attenuation Studies: Road, highway and railway noise assessments, primarily for residential developments adjacent to major transportation facilities, is most commonly required land developers.  Our engineers provide design input to minimize on-site noise impacts, and formulating appropriate noise attenuation strategies.

Traffic Simulation:  We will apply simulation software, leading edge dynamic traffic assignment, simulation and 3D visualization software used in research work at the Universities.  We also make extensive use the contemporary software at the discretion of clients.

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