Water and Wastewater Treatment

Linked to the chain of international companies, Contech has completed over 200 waterworks projects from inception, design project management and Facilities Management, We provide a full range of services from, Package plant to Municipal Plant with over 30 types of technology (e.g. Microfiltration, Ultra filtration, BAF, IFAS, RO, Nan filtration, Attached Growth System Dialysis. Electrolysis etc) for water and wastewater treatment.

Contech selects the right process to meet each municipal/ trade water characteristics. We ensure the right engineering application and technology that delivers the most feasible solution that addresses a green environment, energy saving that can result in a cost free development project with surplus annual revenues.

Contech will provide assistance for formation of life cycle analysis and suitable solutions that the stakeholders require for budgeting, fund application and recovery.  We will liaise with the community through open houses and meeting people locally to illustrate our commitment to social awareness and reinforce our concerns about local issues.