Contech has successfully provided a personalized and timely service. Our vision is not only to meet our clients’ requests, but also to seek opportunities for sustainable development by suggesting well tested and original ideas that will benefit our clients. We will achieve this by focusing our efforts with the objectives of contributing possibilities for growth of regional employment while being aware of the necessity of also seeking global opportunities.Our staff is fully engaged with the concepts of providing value for both our clients and their stakeholders.
We believe that the foundation of any project is a sound strategy that can be formulated by and committed to by both the consultant and the client. We bring a vibrant and strong commitment to the strategy formulated to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.
We stay abreast with well proven technology and approaches which will help the client to gain a competitive advantage that will allow the client to be recognized as forward thinking. We ensure the client is connected to the innovative world through close interaction with our local office with which has access to international resources.
We provide this training to the local staff from global specialists when required.
We take great pride in our proven ability to deliver a value add and accountable solution. We always focus on the best feasible solutions for our client.

Contech has a dynamic team of engineers, technologists and administrative support staff that are associated with the Associations of Technology Professionals and Engineers in Alberta and B.C. These individuals have complementary skill sets that ensure quality and ingenuity within a cohesive environment.

We have a diversified workforce and this enables the company to be knowledgeable about local issues and opportunities.   We remain well informed of the well proven technology and approaches which help the client to gain a competitive advantageous. We ensure the client is closely connected to our company professionals.

Our key areas of focus are on life cycle analysis, cost, green technologies, processing, communication, modeling and engineering approach.  Our partners enable us to access and share equipment, modeling and applications that we can deliver in the form of updated technology for the client.