Environmental Site Assessment

We strive to be provide specialized service in ground engineering and environmental services through technical excellence, innovative solutions and client service and help client to safeguard the project value.

The Environmental Site Assessment process provides buyers with a level of confidence that they will not be burdened by the potential liability of hazardous materials or petroleum products on the property that they are considering.

We provides Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to a variety of clients who, as part of their due diligence process, need to provide sufficient documentation to potential lenders that their project area contains no recognized environmental conditions.  The term “recognized environmental conditions” means the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property. The assessment seeks to identify conditions that indicate an existing or past release of any hazardous substances or petroleum products into structures on the property or into the ground, groundwater or surface water of the property.

Environmental Site Assessment is conducted on the flollowing aspects:

• Air Quality: Emission inventories, source sampling, screening models, treatments and permits;
• Geothermal: Evaluation of geology to assess cost-effective geothermal systems;
• Hazardous Materials: Assessment of asbestos, lead, PCBs, mercury and other hazardous;
• materials; preparation of abatement specifications; and project monitoring;
            Brownfield Redevelopment:
• Acquisition of brownfield/contaminated site incentives (grants, loans, TIF, tax credits), management of brownfield/containmiated site redevelopment programs and grants,
• Environmental due diligence,
• Assessment and planning for safe use, development-coordinated cleanups, and engineering and institutional controls.

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