We provide a variety of municipal engineering services focusing on land development and municipal infrastructure.  We concentrate on potential various project issues such as scheduling, budgets, contracts, design, and negotiations. Our consulting services include:

• Project feasibility studies, cost estimates and scheduling;
• Subdivision and site planning;
• Detailed site grading and earth balance calculations, including 3-D modeling;
• Storm sewer system design and construction, storm water management (SWMM)  and Sewerage (Water CAD) modeling,        design of retention system, and flow control devices, pumping facilities, drainage and watercourses etc and report preparation;
• Water distribution system design and construction layout and supervision;
• Sanitary sewage collection and disposal infrastructure design and construction, including force main, package treatment plant, treatment mound, innovated municipal WWTP and WTP.  Treatment modeling will be use in the assessment and planning of the treatment facilities;
• Roadway design and construction layout and supervision;
• Mining handling and feasibility studies for facilities construction;
• Contract administration not limited to, life cycle cost analysis, revenue vs. cost planning, tendering, quantity measurement, survey layout and inspection services.

Design Services- Civil Structural Geotechnical Architectural
Land and Building Development
Hydraulic & Hydrologic Assessment
Water Infrastructures
Watershed Management & Environmental Protection
Environmental Site Assessment
Contamination Assessment and Remediation
Water Resource Engineering
Highway, Road and Transportation
Surveying and GIS
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems and field instrumentation
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Master Plan Development