Contamination Assessment and Remediation

For suspend contamination, Contech will ensure an effective technicality is use to verify the contaminates determinant by mapping and modelling that related to soil contamination, water contamination, and contamination dissipation by air and radiation:

• Remedial/facility investigations, cleanup criteria and feasibility, groundwater modeling, vapor intrusion assessment, remedial action planning, remediation design and implementation, state voluntary cleanup programs;
• Hydrogeology Studies: Evaluation of geologic conditions, aquifer flow characterization, groundwater quality, geothermal evaluation, and well field studies;
• Indoor Air Quality: Exposure assessments, air quality testing, forensic studies, and health and safety programs;
• Landfills Development : Site evaluation, communities consultation  monitoring programs, leachate treatment & containment, stabilization of excavations and construction slopes, and remediation systems;
• Regulatory Compliance: Compliance reviews, compliance programs, pollution/spill prevention and contingency plans, reporting, and environmental and natural resources permitting;
• Storm Water Management: Conceptual plans, sampling programs, sustainable management planning and engineering, permitting, and certified operator monitoring at construction and industrial sites;
• Manage Under Oil Tanks:  removal of Underground Service Tank (UST), closure of UST system, release assessments and implementation of Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA). UST assessments and closures, and remediation monitoring.

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