Contech provides a full range of project services from problem identification and upgrading and new design through to project management during construction, commissioning and training.


Our company is a multi-discipline Canadian consulting firm,  based in British Columbia providing general engineering and environmental consulting services to both private and public clients.

Contech is a service-oriented organization, connected to people; dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions on time and on the budget for a sustainable solution. All of our projects will not be committed without passing the sustainable bar, that is, sounded economical, vibrant, and socially acceptable in close consultation with our clients.

We help clients from site inspection, structural review to the overall design and Construction management  Prime Consultant Service and have a partnered up with full professional teams if required.

We love our job the help client saving capital costs through 35 years of experience, but work with the most updated innovation tools with the green practices that save energy and environmental consumption.